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Nicholas Blackburn

Software Engineer

ExtraoRdinary DevEloper

"Eat, Sleep, Code"

Project Exploration

I explore amazing topics like Facial Recognition, Facial Authentication, and Object Detection using OpenCV, Homebrewing on the Xbox360 and the Wii U, using Docker to Run a Massive 50 Container Minecraft Server network to combat the 40+ player limit of java Minecraft Server software, Autonomous robots, Home Automation, and Self Driving cars using a Raspi and CANbus hat to remotely control my car.

Passion for Inovating

I believe that anything can be improved and modified. Why not add more functionality to a device that lacks it. I encourage Innovation in my daily life by Embracing my autism, my heightened creativity, my out of the box thinking and problem-solving skills. One of my favorite quotes is from Edwin Land "Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way”. If you have an inovative idea, act on that idea and make it a reality.

Zest For Programming

Man, Programming is fantastic :). I can invent new programs & create them from nothing, Solve Problems, and Completely Add functionality to already existing Systems. An example of Innovation is my Face-Door project, I took a Raspi, a relay, and my existing security system to create a Facial Recognition Door. It sounds an alarm if an unrecognized person shows up, and lets in recognized people, also it allows one to 2 unrecognized people in with the recognized personal. The limit is my imagination, that is why I love Developing Software.

Remarkable Individual

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul." - Carl Jung

Exceptional Leader

As a Software Developer  with A.D.H.D and High Functioning Autism, I gained the experance to lead any Developement team to success.

Technical Skills

As a Software Developer,  I learned a multitude of Critical Developer skills. These skills include writing proper documentation, critical communication skills, and of course software development skills.

Commuication is Key

As the Software Developer, I communicate with different clients and co-workers to efficiently deliver the best Software applications to the end users.

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